Thursday Night Horror Movie Review (Belated) – “Housebound”

housebound1Housebound is a film I let roll by in my Netflix queue a thousand times before I finally watched it.

“It has five stars!” the overly-enthusiastic voice in my head would scream–but I would scroll right past.

And why? Because it is sold as a haunted house movie, and I haven’t seen one that I liked since I was a child.

But Housebound is truly something else.

It grabs you early, introducing Kylie Bucknell (Morgana O’Reilly) as she botches an attempt to rob an ATM with a sledge hammer and explosives. She is spared prison time, but sentenced to eight months under house arrest in the home in which she grew up. For Kylie, this may be worse than prison. A tracker fixed to her ankle prevents her from going more than a few yards from the house–and her mother’s endless talking. An important note about the house–strange noises resound sporadically both day and night; items often come up missing or are simply moved; and her mother, Miriam (Rima Te Wiata), believes a ghost is responsible.

Never fear: Amos (Glen-Paul Waru), the security officer assigned to monitor Kylie’s electronic ankle bracelet, moonlights as a paranormal investigator, and he is determined to get to the bottom of this, whether Kylie likes it or not.


This film puts off enough tension and suspense to earn it the title of Horror, enough silly humor to warrant a Comedy label, and so many twists and gradually plumbed layers you’re welcome to call it a good old fashioned Thriller, too. Check it out for a good time and an all-around well developed story.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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