Succulent Prey – Book Review

Succulent_PreySucculent Prey by Wrath James White (who has a cooler name?) is the most violent novel I have read so far. That’s not a negative criticism. White is known for going farther than most other authors when it comes to violence in fiction (And in the ring. Did you know he’s a champion kickboxer?). I went into the novel knowing to expect some cringe-inducing gore. What I didn’t expect was that the cringe-inducing gore would be presented in such an eloquent, well-written story.

This is not a strict shock piece. There is a heart-wrenching, well-rounded, satisfying story here. Several times after reading a passage I would stop and just appreciate it for a moment. If you read this book, you will be amazed at how White manages to make you feel for Joe Miles even as he is committing some of the most horrific acts you’re likely to have ever imagined or heard about.

Succulent Prey is about a young man, Joe Miles, who, as a boy, fell victim to a child molester/serial killer. He was the killer’s first victim, and was spared. Now an adult attending college, he is beginning to experience cannibalistic cravings. What began as sex addiction is quickly turning into all-out blood lust. As his cravings grow more intense, Joe becomes convinced that the serial killer who kidnapped and tortured him as a boy passed along a serial killer virus, and this is the reason for his cravings. As he researches more and more about werewolves and vampires he becomes convinced that by killing the serial killer who infected him he can cure himself and live a normal life.

I honestly don’t typically seek out fiction this brutal. I read this as part of my goal to read everything in the Horror genre and beyond. But I will read more of White’s books. I appreciated the amount of research White must have put in regarding vampire and werewolf lore, as well as serial killers. There is a great deal of attention paid to detail in this novel. At no point did I feel the author was banging it out to meet a deadline. You’ll feel like a sick bastard for it, but I highly recommend you give this one a read.


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