Thursday Night Horror Movie Review -“Blood Moon”

Blood-Moon-movie-2014-Jeremy-Wooding-5Blood Moon (2014), directed by Jeremy Wooding, is a pretty entertaining western horror mashup. I love westerns and werewolf films, and while this one isn’t exactly making waves, it handles the tropes of both genres surprisingly well.

Under the light of a blood moon, a stagecoach of travelers, a gunslinger, and two outlaws enter a deserted mining town. Howls sound in the night. Torn bodies turn up in the dusty streets. The survivors will hold up in the saloon, six guns rattling in their shaky hands as they wait for the creature hunting them to step into the lantern light.

Here’s another werewolf film that uses suggestion and lighting to work on your imagination. I think this is the best move for low budget monster flicks, where the money for truly stellar effects just isn’t there. You do see the werewolf in full, but they maintain the movie’s dark tone by avoiding the cheesy for the sake of cheesy approach. The action sequences are fairly well-timed, and the setting and costumes look reasonably authentic. This one is far from perfect, but I got a real sense that the creators were passionate about the film and wanted to make it as good as they could. I think that shows in the final product.

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