Order Stone Work today–It’s Good Luck!

stone cover finalOk, I can’t guarantee you good luck, necessarily–but it will definitely make you cooler…not to say you’re uncool…oh boy. How about you just read the cover copy and decide for yourself if this is the book for you? If it is, you can order it at the link below. Don’t read? No problem. The paperback is handy in all sorts of ways. Just the other day I saw a Louis L’Amour book wedged under the leg of a person’s bed. If someone can use a Louis L’Amour novel to keep her bed from rocking, you could shamelessly abuse my book for at least a dozen household purposes:

  1. It would make the perfect Punk/Noir/Bizarro coaster for that Blade-Runner-esque home decor that’s so popular these days.
  2. At 124 pages, it’s just the right weight for fly-swatting. But don’t stop at flies. You can thwack your share of spiders, ants, mice, roommates, and other varmints (Neither I nor Mirror Matter Press condone the use of this book for the purposes of harming roommates or endangered animals).
  3. If you buy two paperbacks, then you have the niftiest pair of oven mitts this side of The Wall.
  4. There’s a chance that if you hold the book in front of your face, people will think you’re a leather-jacket-wearing, gun-toting criminal from a dystopian future city. And in that case you WOULD be cooler.

These are just a few of the possibilities. Comment below if you can think of any other uses for this book. And tell your friends!

You can order Stone Work here!


“City stands in the irradiated dunes of America, nearly two centuries after the Final War. The wall surrounding it is a buffer for the wasteland inhabitants who covet entrance, and a trap for the citizens smothering in its polluted air and drowning in its blood-filled streets. Stone is a criminal for hire. Robbed of his loved ones and scarred almost beyond recognition, he navigates City’s darkest corners, doing some of its darkest deeds. In this collection, he’ll pursue an elusive thief, bent on raising an army of juiced up mutants. He’ll break into the office building of a mysterious corporation, only to find the executives are less into sending faxes and more into performing hexes. In the final chapter, he’ll track a man through the Alleys of South City with the help of his tech savvy partner, Megan, and together they’ll face the sentient darkness of City’s deepest underbelly, and confront the violent potential of City’s most dangerous cults.

Part Blade Runner. Part Sin City. Stone Work is an action-packed ride through the rain-slicked streets of a dark, unforgiving urban landscape, rife with sadistic criminals, inter-dimensional abominations, and a creeping darkness that seeks to erase the last, now almost mythical traces of human goodness left in a world always teetering over the edge of its own extinction.”



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