Take a Chance on Me, Get a Free Ebook

I just want to spread the word that I have a few books out or on the way. It would be awesome if you bought one or all of them; but when you see my name, you probably think something like “Who the fuck is this hoser?”

I get that. I believe my books are worth your while, but I’m not asking you to take my word for it. Take it from the folks at Mirror Matter Press/Sinister Grin Press, and Grinning Skull Press, who were gracious enough to publish my first book in the Stone series, Stone Work, and the follow-up, Stone Wall (coming in 2017), as well as my weird western, Full Moon in the West. They have published/reprinted many great writers, including some of my friends: Wrath James White, Glenn Rolfe, Jeff Strand, Adam Cesare, Jonathan Janz, Stephen Kozeniewsky, Greg F. Gifune, Kyle Rader, Phillip Tomasso, Russell Coy, Dan Foley, Jonah Buck, and a ton more. I don’t know that I deserve to be in such fine company, but I’m also not going to question the judgement of these fine publishers.

If you have enjoyed the work of these authors, you may enjoy my writing as well. But you’re still taking a chance on me. So, if you buy any of the books listed below, I will give you a free ebook to make you feel better about spending your hard-earned money on a possible hoser. Send me proof of purchase and your email address through a facebook pm, email at stabiledominic@yahoo.com, facebook wall post, twitter dm, or whatever, and I will send you your free book. Thanks for giving me a shot, and potentially feeding my cats.


stone cover final



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