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I’ve seen this one before, but thought it would be a perfect choice for this page. Not to mention, She Who Wears the Flesh of Her Enemies had not seen it, and I thought that needed to be fixed.


You may know Roddy Piper as a wrestler, or as the inimitable Nada from John Carpenter’s They Live. But if you know him as Sam Hell from Hell Comes to Frogtown, you’re of a special ilk.

Sam Hell is a rare breed in the brave new world posited by this film in which, following a nuclear war that has wiped out 68% of the male population, two major groups remain to grapple for control of the blasted wasteland: women, who struggle to find fertile men with whom to continue the species; and frog people. That’s right, frog people.

Sam happens to be one of these highly valued, fertile men, and the government, now completely run by women, has called him to serve his country by trekking into the wastes to impregnate…any women he comes across, I think?

Things get slimy when his military escort receives a message saying a group of fertile women have been captured and taken to Frogtown. It becomes Sam’s task to infiltrate the ramshackle city filled with frog people, rescue the women, light some candles, get something romantic going on the stereo, and serve his country.

This is obviously a ridiculous movie. I don’t know what anyone involved could have possibly been thinking. It does manage to be funny, with the inclusion of such one liners as, “Eat lead, froggies!” The movie has a sense of humor about itself, which is the only reason the frog people work. The special effects in that regard consist of actors covered in layers of tacky clothing like hobos to hide the seams of their frog masks and green rubber gloves. As I said, I have seen this one before, and I chose to watch it again. It’s worth a watch.

She Who Wears the Flesh of Her Enemies has made her decree:

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