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What do mechanical alien cephalopods, future boobs, and Bruce Campbell have in common?



Astronauts Ray (Bruce Campbell) and Jason (Walter Koenig) happen upon a derelict spacecraft, floating aimlessly through space. Upon investigating it, they uncover an odd metal egg and a dead body, and they transport their finds back to Earth. The body is that of a man who is thousands of years old. The egg is, well, an alien.

They don’t realize the latter until a metal octopus emerges from the egg, fashions itself a metal body, and starts smoking people with lasers.

Ray manages to kill it with a shotgun blast to the head, and then he and Jason return to the moon for a search and destroy mission.

Bruce Campbell plays a supporting role in this one, and his usual boisterous demeanor is muted to make way for the heavy, doom-laden tone of the film. However, rather than creating an atmosphere of tense dread, this approach renders the film flat and ultimately boring. These long scenes of mounting suspense fizzle out by the payoff, which generally involves an okay-looking robot-alien capping fools with his little laser mouth. Films like this one will often use a psychological approach to add tension, which aids the effect of the slow build. Moontrap doesn’t do that, so the slow build is just slow for no reason.

That said, it’s not terrible. For a site dedicated to films that are so bad they’re good, Moontrap falls closer to the  good-but-could-have-been-great side. It’s worth a watch, but the cheap thrills are surprisingly minimal, and there isn’t much else going on.

She Who Wears the Flesh of Her Enemies has made her decree:








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