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City is a walled metropolis. Stone is a criminal for hire. If the money’s right, he’ll get the job done. But his jobs are never as easy as they seem, because City is full of horrors. Monsters, mutants, deadly cults formed around ancient TV shows. Stone’s usually happy to get away with his life–if he scrapes up a few bucks in the process, all the better.
Juan “Tezcat” Medina is about to take the law into his own hands. Having lost his wife and daughter to a gang of outlaws, he strikes a deal with a local witch. She can resurrect his family. All he has to do is kill the six outlaws before dawn and bring their souls back to her. But there is something different about this gang of outlaws, something Tezcat is not aware of until it’s too late, and he is forced into a showdown with evil.











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Coker loves his job. He’s never once been late to work. Today is the most important day of the year, and nothing will stop him from arriving on time…not even the fact that he just killed a man.


Christine hopes that their honeymoon trip to Misty Peak will snap Leander out of the rut he has been in for years. He seems to have bedded himself in the familiar. He is afraid to leave his job at the grocery store, to move out of his parents’ house. But when they arrive at Misty¬†Peak¬†and he becomes enamored with a haunted house attraction, Christine realizes he is worse off than she originally thought. And as he insists they visit the haunted attraction, to the point where she worries he may become violent, she realizes a force has taken hold of him. A force originating in the haunted house itself.